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Smythe Property Advisors President, Christopher E. Smythe, has been active in the commercial real estate business since 1984, and has considerable experience in real estate investment, asset management, investment brokerage, syndication, and development finance. Prior to forming Smythe Property Advisors, Mr. Smythe had worked with the Wells Fargo Realty Advisors in Chicago, Cragin Lang, Inc, (now Grubb & Ellis) in Cleveland, and most recently the Chartwell Group, LLC in Cleveland.

Smythe Property Advisors, LLC has 17 employees and currently provides brokerage, investment and property management services.

Brokerage & Consulting Experience:

  1. Receivership Sale of 26 property office, retail, multifamily single family portfolio
    for Schneider Management Company $22,000,000.
  2. Receivership Sale of 100,000 S.F. Office Building Cleveland Ohio.
  3. Sale of 95,000 SF 1220 Huron Office Bldg Cleveland, Ohio $6,500,000.
  4. Sale of 50,000 SF Office Building Cleveland, Ohio $2,000,000
  5. Sale of Alhambra and Mannering Apartments Cleveland, Ohio.
  6. Sale of Paramount Assisted Living Facility Maple Heights, Ohio.
  7. Sale of Medical Office Bldg Shaker Heights, Ohio $2,200,000.
  8. Tenant Rep Search and Lease of 25,000 SF Industrial Cleveland, Ohio
  9. Tenant Rep Search and Lease of 40,000 SF Warehouse Solon, Ohio
  10. Valuation and disposition consulting assignment of major office, industrial, land portfolio valued at $175,000,000.
  11. Current Marketing of $22,000,000 land development portfolio.
  12. Lease of 20,000 SF Office Space Streetsboro, Ohio
  13. Marketing of 60,000 Loft Building Conversion Cleveland, Ohio
  14. Financial Analysis/Mortgage Brokerage of $8,000,000 Sale Leaseback for plastics concern Chagrin Falls, Ohio.
  15.  Investment Feasibility Study 71 unit single family development, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
  16. Marketing of $18,500,000 four building sale lease-back portfolio.
  17. Valuation of Partnership interests 122,000 SF Rockside Office Bldg.
  18. Tenant Rep search and lease of 80,000 SF industrial space for plastics recycling operation.
  19. Receivership sale of 84 Unit apartment complex in Orrville, Ohio.
  20. Receivership sale of 16 Unit apartment complex at Shaker Square, Cleveland, Ohio.

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Receivership Experience:

  1. 3101 Euclid. Named Receiver for 100,000 SF office building downtown Cleveland on behalf of ING Investment Advisors. Successful management and sale of asset.
  2. Joanne Schneider Portfolio engaged by Receiver to take over management and sale of a 26 proprerty office, retail, multifamily and single family portfolio in Northeast Ohio. Sucessul liquidation of $22MM portfolio.
  3. King James Portfolio. Named Receiver for King James Point 6 and KJG Landerbrook two 95,000 SF suburban Cleveland office properties on behalf of AIG investments. Receivership settled out of court.
  4. French Village Apartment Court appointed receiver for Charter One Bank. Management and leasing of 84 unit apartment complex in Orrville, Ohio. Property successfully sold.

Ownership and Management Experience:

Mr. Smythe serves as general partner or managing member of the following real estate investments with a collective asset value in excess of $60,000,000:

  1. Fairmount Land and Development Co., which was founded in 1992 and serves as the general partner in Overlook Court L.P., which owns a 45,000 S.F. leased office/retail complex in Warrensville Hts., Ohio.   It is currently 85% leased.
  2. Fairmount Land and Development II, Inc., which was founded in 1997 and serves as the general partner in Parkway Point Partners, L.P., which developed and owns a fully leased 40,000 SF office/ warehouse building in Solon, Ohio.
  3. OLC Land Development Corp, which was founded in 1999 and serves as the general partner in Overlook Court II L.P.  which recently developed and currently owns three single-story office buildings comprising 115,000 S.F.  Located in Warrensville Heights, Ohio. The properties are 90% leased.
  4. TCIP Development Corp., founded in 1999, which serves as the general partner of Tinkers Creek Industrial Partners L.P. which owns a 95,000 S.F., 100% leased office/warehouse in Streetsboro, Ohio.
  5. River Rock Equity, LLC, founded in 2002, which serves as the manager of River Rock Holdings, LLC, which owns a three building portfolio comprising 91,500 S.F. of renovated, 80% leased office/warehouse in Valley View, Ohio.
  6. WEF Warehouse Partners, LCC founded in 2000 serves as general partner of the company that owns  a 93% leased 267,000 S.F. industrial facility in Aurora, Ohio.
  7. Pagoda Partners, LLC founded in 2000 owns a 100% leased 235,000 S.F. sale/leaseback joint venture with Arhaus Headquarters/Warehouse facility in Walton Hills, Ohio. Sale leaseback similar to subject Project.
  8. SCC Equity, LCC serves as the manager of  Steels Corners Crossing , LLC which owns a 125,400 S.F. 100% leased industrial facility in Stow, Ohio. Sale leaseback similar to subject Project.  Joint venture with principals of tenant Falls Filtration Technologies, Inc.
  9. Uncle Woody, Ltd serves as general partner of KMS L.P. which owns a 239 unit apartment complex in Canton Ohio.
  10. Uncle Butler Inc., serves as general partner of Cambridge L.P. which owns an 85 unit apartment complex in Elyria, Ohio.
  11. Cedar-Galion Corp serves as general partner of Cedar-Galion L.P. which owns a 98 unit apartment complex in Galion, Ohio.

These corporations serve as the primary real estate investment vehicle for Mr. Smythe. Approximately 85 limited partners have participated in the foregoing investment vehicles. 

Currently Mr. Smythe is involved in the management of all the above assets. Smythe Property Advisors provides direct daily property management services to the 91,500 S.F. three building office/warehouse complex in Valley View, the 67,000 S.F. and 366,000 S.F. industrial buildings in Aurora, and three multi-family complexes comprising 422 apartment units all in northern Ohio. He also manages non-owned assets as a third party manager. 

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Baker and Company
Brighton Hotel Corp
Colonnade Corporation
Cumberland Company
Custom Associates
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Charter One Bank
Dalad Group
Dealer Tire
Dollar Bank
Fashion Associates
GMH Capital Partners (GE Capital)
Gunton Corp
Hausser and Taylor
ING Investment Management
K.P. McNamara Co.
LR Development
Millennia Housing Management
Nassimi Realty Corp
Nook Industries
Paul Voinovich
Receiver Schneider Management Company
Richard Bowen and Associates
River Rock Holdings, LCC
Scher Group
Syndicated Properties
Tinkers Creek Industrial Partners
Wald and Fisher
Waverly Glen Company
Windrush Properties-Art Merriman
William Steck and Associates

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